Child Custody For Grandparents?

Grandparents Winning Child Custody Cases

child custody

child custody


Child custody issues are very important and should be handled with the up most care.Sometimes when their is a divorce in the family the parents just seem to get off track for a while and sometimes their  children are left to suffer.

Divorce or the death of a spouse has a tremendous effect on everyone’s life. Going through these kind of changes leaves people with depression and a lot of grief and even as adults they just don’t know where to turn.

People then start to rebuild their lives and sometimes the kids just get pushed to the side in the process. This is when grandparents child  custody starts. It may be that joint custody between parents and grandparents may work best but these children need a safe environment to turn to if needed.

Grandparents Child Custody

Family professionals say that  custody of any child after a agonizing separation or an on going divorce case is definitely one of the most heart wrenching and emotionally draining encounters any parent could face. This is because the process involves not just two adults who have the skills to move forward and go on to live a new life but more focused on what is in store for kids after the inevitable break up. Parents and grandparents are closely involved in the happinesss of the children.

If you are one of those who are in the process of divorce and planning to file for a child custody, then you should stop dwelling on your past and move ahead for the betterment of the people that you love the most—your children.

Child custody proceeding

Parents who are into a fight for their children’s custody should be ready head on to face  this challenging experience. They should also be ready to face all the challenges and difficulties to emerge as winners.In these cases no one really wins.

Experts say that one important key in ensuring that any parent will be victorious in any child custody case is by being armed with as much information needed. If the parent is knowledgeable enough on the child custody battle, he or she would be able to understand the situation better and would be able to come up with strategies to ensure victory after the case.

To be able to get as much information on child custody, you can consult a lawyer and ask him or her to explain the terms and conditions underlying any child custody case. Since lawyers are the experts on legal issues, they would be able to make you understand as simple as possible all things that you want to know on child custody.

You can also check various online sites in the Internet for you will have an idea what entails a child custody case and what you can do to ensure that you will be victorious in the end. You can check thousands of links relating to child custody and how to win it. Here, you can also find first hand information by parents who went through the same thing and you can even adapt the strategies they used on your own setting.

Grandparents Child Custody

If you as parents get totally side tracked and are going down the wrong path you should consider the possibility of joint custody betweeb parents and grandparents untill you get things back ib order. This is a very hard time for everyone involved but especiallt your childre.


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Grandparents and Grandchildren

Grandparents and Grandchildren

A PRECIOUS BOND: Should Not Be Broken
grandpa and grandson on a walk. The bond between grandparent and grandchildren is precious and should not be unnecessarily broken.

grandpa and grandson on a walkWhile there is no doubt grandparents suffer greatly from broken hearts when separated from grandchildren, the kids also feel frustration, helplessness, and bereft of an important part of their future. Often the greatest source of grief for grandparents arises from concern for the child: the impact on that child when a beloved grandparent is abruptly removed from their life. Grandparents wonder: “Do they feel abandoned?” “Unloved?” “Will they think that it is somehow their fault?”

The grandparent-grandchild relationship is its own entity, built on a foundation of unconditional love and mutual affection. It is no secret that grandparents are of vital importance to a child’s life. Think of your own bond with your grandparents.

The enactment of grandparent visitation laws, which provide a way to actively advocate on behalf of a child supports that notion. Grandparent laws are meant to preserve and protect the grandparent-grandchild relationship, bestowing upon the grandparents a position in a court of law to stand up for a child and lend them a voice. Children deserve to have all of the love they can get, and keep it. When a child is unreasonably denied that love, there is bound to be negative consequences.

There is a body of research indicating that when children lose access to a loving adult (such as a grandparent) with whom they have had an established relationship, they suffer abandonment issues, lower self-esteem, emotional disorders, acting out behavior or withdrawal. Dr. Glenn Cartwright of McGill University is a foremost authority in PAS, (Parental Alienation Syndrome) which also effects grandparents through association. I refer to it as GAS (Grandparent Alienation Syndrome). In his article, “Expanding the Parameters of Parental Alienation Syndrome”, Dr. Cartwright discusses the short, medium and long-term effects of PAS. Besides the non-custodial parent, the grandparents also experience anguish over the loss of the child through sudden dismissal. He explains that during the first stage when the child experiences the loss of a grandparent and or parent it is similar to a death, only worse than an actual death because the child is unable to acknowledge or mourn the loss, and it becomes a major tragedy. When the child is subjected to continual denigration of grandparents by the alienating parent(s), all of the fond memories of them are “deliberately and systematically destroyed.”

The medium term effects concern the continued absence [as opposed to initial loss] of the lost grandparent [and parent] and the effects it has on the child’s development. What is lost is the consistency, the day-to-day interaction, love and support that normally flows from grandparents and parents. Dr. Cartwright states, “While in the case of death such a loss is un-avoidable, in the case of PAS such a loss is entirely avoidable and therefore in-excusable.”

For the long-term effects, Professor Cartwright suggests “that everyone involved in PAS suffers some degree of distress over the long term.” He compares the feelings parents and grandparents experience as being similar to what is experienced when a child goes missing. Professor Cartwright emphasizes that it is the child who suffers most.
Dr. Eleanor Willemsen, professor of developmental psychology at Santa Clara University, in her article “Best Interests Of a Child”, describes the effects on a child when attachments are broken, among them loss of security and abandonment issues. She emphasizes the harm that happens “when a child loses ongoing intimate relationships,” and there is evidence that over time a child’s social skills diminish, they become insecure and there are cognitive effects. Perhaps Dr. Willemsen said it best in the following sentence: “[T]he most important aspect of being a whole person when you are a small child is your opportunity to develop well.”

GRANDPARENT VISITATION RIGHTS are equally CHILDREN’S RIGHTS: a child should also have the right to remain connected to grandparents. It is an ongoing struggle of many individuals who work to promote the preservation of the family unit by influencing legislation and the public. These GRANDPARENT RIGHTS STATUTES will bring to the forefront the fact that children are often treated as “property,” with little concern for their wants and needs. There is a need for child substantive issues; a child’s LIBERTY INTERESTS must be represented and no longer ignored. Children are people, not possessions.

Perhaps if children were treated more like individuals instead of “property” their true “BEST INTERESTS” would be protected.

Susan Hoffman is the author of the book, GRAND WISHES: Advocating To Preserve The Grandparent Grandchild Bond, isbn: 978-0-9799168-0-9. The purpose of the book is to raise awareness about the growing social problem of denied grandparent grandchild access as well as a resource for disenfranchised grandparents. Proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the non profit organization, Advocates For Grandparent Grandchild Connection, of which Susan Hoffman is the creator and director.

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Prior to purchasing, you must make certain that it suits your physical treatment program as prescribed by a physician.

1. Safety

Because an inversion table will have you putting up inverted by your ankles, you’ll want to feel secure. Take time to consider safety first.

Security is the number one aspect in identifying which one to shop. If you don’t feel safe and secure when placed on the, you need to find an additional table that you do really feel risk-free on. Don’t acquire one unless you are one hundred percent certain concerning its safety and security.

Check the total high quality of its components: the swivel components, locking pins, structure, and safety bands, and so on … Until you are confident that it could carry your weight and securely hold you in position, constantly maintain seeking far better alternatives.

Look for the best inversion table that will secure your ankle joints in position firmly and pleasantly; remember that not all tables come with thick foam cushioning around the ankle joints so you might should get additional or wear heavy socks when you are using it.

There are various versions and also variants: some are compact as well as lightweight while others weigh yet and made for continual usage. The weight is a sign of its toughness, you must choose the kind of inversion table was made with strong materials. Also, you need to examine the elevation and weight limits. You can additionally research the makes to check out their credibility and also exactly what sort of customer testimonials they obtain. We have actually aimed to supply you with as much of as that we can on this site.

2. Convenience

Make sure the ankle joint restraint system is comfortable and also easy to use because one of the essential items to check is for how comfortable you will be while executing your inversion exercises.

As for the backboard, the amount as well as kind of padding is an individual selection. If you plan on doing abdominal workouts, pick a non-padded table. For some individuals, having simply a nylon pad is great while others might desire thick cushioning. Check what really feels right for you.

3. Space

This aspect is not as important as the others but ought to be taken note of, specifically if your residence is small.

To choose the best one for you need to check to see just how much area it occupies when in operation. You could decide on some models that fold for storage space if you have a restricted area to use your inversion table.

4. Finally

Utilize your inversion table if you buy it. Just 10 minutes a day can function marvels for your back; remember that you ought to consult your medical professional prior to beginning any type of workout regime yet research studies have actually shown that inversion tables could aid many people lower their pain in the back, boost their mobility as well as improve their flow. You can read more about the benefits below.


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