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Grandparents – Learn How You Can Raise Your Grandchildren

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

I don’t think there is any standard to grandparents¬† raising grandchildren. Raising grandchildren is just raising a second family or an extension off of the one you already have. You may ask yourself, how do I raise my grandchildren and I think you already have the answer..One day at a time. One day at a time is all we have to start with so why dwell on issues that take us past that. I think that the answer to raising your grandchildren will fall into place as you go along. We are not experts on children or grandchildren we just have to do the best we know how. If you need some basics I will make a list below but they are really common sense.

  • Spend time with your grandchildren
  • Have rules that they must go by
  • Whatever rules you have laid down for them..stick to them
  • Assure them that you are there to answers any questions they may have
  • Find and join organizations that support grandparents raising grandchildren
  • Be involved in school activities
  • Be involved in summer activities

Raising your grandchildren can be as different as it is the same as raising your own children. The main difference is the way society have changed how we deal with certain things. This is not hard to figure out when we see what has been going on in our society for several years. I can remember a time when it would be unheard of to watch the news and see a story about kids killing other kids but we see it now. It should not be the case that kids have to wonder or fear these things when they go to school to get an education.

With all that being said I guess I am trying to say that there is no easy way to raise kids nowadays and it will not be easy to raise your grandchildren not because you don’t know how to raise kids but because you are not custom to seeing the things we see today. The only thing that I can see as a plus is that we do have great help groups in place that are willing to help with these children. The main reason I can see for this is that grandparents raising grandchildren are a growing number in our society and this is not something to be proud of. Something needs to change but until it does we’ll keep putting those grandchildren to bed in a place where they can sleep and know they will wake up to a hot meal and lots of love. If you need help understanding your grandparents rights you can visit ‘The Custody Library”

And as a grandparent please keep your grandchildren’s best interest in mind. I hope that you are one of those lucky grandparents that has a good relationship with your grandchildren and their parents but if your are not please search out your options at grandparents rights The rights of grandparents raising grandchildren are certainly something to check out. I wish you all the best. Good luck with your grandchildren.
Jacquelyn Dunn

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jacquelyn_Dunn

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