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Living With Grandparents…Bridging the Generation Gap at Home

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Grandparents raising grandchildren house more than 4.9 million children? In my opinion there is not that much difference in raising kids today as far as the basic needs that must be meet. Now if you want to talk about a generation apart we’ll talk computers and lifestyle. For most grandparents computers might as well be from another planet. I myself starting using a computer when I was in my mid thirties and I think the going age today is about 2. How neat is that but for grandparents they need to find ways to bridge the gaps so they can raise their grandchildren. If you are raising your grandchildren but don’t have custody you may want to visit ‘The Custody Library”.   And lets make  a list below to help bridge the generation gap.

Grandparents Can Do

  • First of all why not go to the source:Ask the grandkids to teach you how to use a computer
  • Take a computer class at your senior center
  • Be open to conversations even if you don’t know or understand the topics:Listen
  • Find a local group for grandparents raising grandchildren to share your stories
  • Ask if their school or church has a program for parents and be involved
  • Keep an open mind to new ideas
  • Try new things your grandchildren suggest
  • Be patient

Grandchildren Can Do

  • Help your grandparents learn the computer
  • Learn to talk with your grandparents because believe it or not they were little once to
  • If you school or church has a program for parents and children,be involved with your grandparents
  • respect your grandparents ideas and they will respect yours
  • Be willing to try new things
  • Help your grandparents understand how things have changed since they raised your parents
  • Try new things your grandparents suggest,you might enjoy yourself
  • Be patient

There probably is some form of generation gap simply because of the age difference but it should not be enough to cause problems as long as you both work together. Love and respect will take care of a lot of things. If you are a grandparent raising grandchildren then you have taken the first step to make a child’s life better so the generation gap should be a piece of cake. the basics are the same the era in time is just different. I can remember things that my papaw use to tell me (I walked 5 miles in the snow to get to school) and I now understand they he was telling the truth. I’ve told my own kids how we had outdoor bathrooms until I was in the 6th grade and they just laugh and say(nobody ever use to go to an outhouse to use the bathroom)oh mom. I don’t know why that story is so funny, you’d think I told a joke.

And as a grandparent please keep your grandchildren’s best interest in mind. I hope that you are one of those lucky grandparents that has a good relationship with your grandchildren and their parents but if your are not please search out your options at grandparents rights The rights of grandparents raising grandchildren are certainly something to check out. I wish you all the best. Good luck with your grandchildren.

Jacquelyn Dunn

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jacquelyn_Dunn

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