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Do You Know These Facts About Babies?

Growing up is something that, if we’re being honest, starts at conception. One second they are just a few cells and the next they’ve got the beginnings of brains and lungs and other important organs. It takes only nine months to go from a couple of cells to a being fully capable of living independently. It seems like not very much time passes at all between birth and the time when your baby has very definite likes and dislikes. Things like moving on their own, needing help with diaper changes and even how they learn to speak are pretty commonly understood. Read on to learn something new about babies and young kids.

Babies have three hundred bones in their bodies when they are born. After a person finishes growing up he or she only has two hundred and six bones. Contrary to how this sounds, you never actually lose bones-some of the individual bones that you are born with simply fuse together to form single bones. Many believe that this is one of the main reasons that a baby is so much more flexible physically as an adult-because the bones are able to move independently of one another in infancy. There is some logic to this-after all, when was the last time you could put your feet behind your head?

Did you know that some babies are born with teeth? On the other hand, other babies don’t even start teething until they are more than a year old. Teething is one of the things new parents dread the most. Don’t worry too much about when your child’s first teeth will start to appear. There is no guarantee when it comes to childhood development even in a family with lots of kids-your baby will grow at the pace that nature has intended for him and him alone.

You already know that babies cry when they need something but did you know that those cries do not involve tears until two or three weeks after the baby’s birth? When a person gets stressed he or she secretes a hormone that is only found in tears. This hormone secretion is the main reason that stressed out people cry: the body ridding itself of that hormone helps calm everything down. Your baby won’t create this hormone until after you have given birth to him. The stress hormone does not usually start to show up until the baby has been out of the womb for at least a few weeks. Your baby might take a couple of months to begin crying real tears.

Many people are fascinated by babies. We have yet to figure out just how quickly babies learn and by what process they retain those things. There is, however, a universal consensus on just how wonderful it is to watch babies grow up: they change every single day!

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Book Review: The Voice New Testament