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3 Tips On Bonding With Your Grandchildren

Grandparents and Grandchildren

Grandparents and grandchildren share a bond that can’t be denied. Sometimes it seems that parents take this bond as a threat but it doesn’t have to be. What grandparents share with their grandchildren is something that they don’t share with anyone else not even their own children. I don’t know if it is our age at this point or maybe we’ve just chilled out at this point in life. For me I have and I have come to realize that it’s the things that seem the smallest at the time that we may remember the most.

My own children bring up stuff and say mom do you remember when,and I honestly don’t remember (Have no idea what they are talking about) but they do. What sticks in one persons mind may not have the same impact in another persons mind. I have heard people say (That know more than I do) That you really start to form memories that stay with you at the age of 4 and I believe that to be true because when I tried to think back I could remember some things when I was 4. The things that I do remember were events that I associated with other things happening in my life therefore the only reason I could put a time frame on it. My mothers dad died when I was 4 and I remember that so well because I don’t think I had ever seen my mother cry before.

If you are wanting to bond with your grandchildren and I advise that you do, please read over the tips below for some ideas to do just that.

  • Share Some Family History Talk with your grandchildren and see what things they remember and what they would like to know about their parents,you and maybe even your parents. Show them pictures of their parents when they were little and let them ask questions. Show them pictures of you and talk about the pictures and let them know what you did as a child.
  • Take a Road Vacation With Your Grandchildren When I say take a road I mean a road trip and drive somewhere. You may be surprised just how much bonding you can do when you are together in a car and just can’t go anywhere else. You will see things to talk about and learn things about each other.
  • Have a Family Reunion Help you and your grandchildren bond by bringing the family together and what better way than to share some fun times and a great meal.

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