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Learn How a Grandparent Gains Custody of a Child

Grandparents Custody Rights

Grandparents custody rights need to be explored if you are a grandparent who has grandchildren who you think are living in a dangerous home it may be time to research  grandparents rights.

Taking custody or temporary custody can take them out of harms way until something can be done about their living conditions. The steps to taking custody are something to prepare yourself  for.

Enforcing your grandparents custody rights will require you to establish a plan but don’t put it off. Time could be critical for the children. Visit the “Child Custody Library” for current information on child custody.

Children don’t understand the dangers they are in because they usually trust their parents to keep them safe. They just simply may not know what to do. If you see warning signs of neglect or abuse you should ask questions immediately and try to help them to understand the importance of telling someone what their living conditions are. Children love their parents and want to please them and even though they know things may not be right it may have become normal to them. They may not understand how much danger they may be in.

You may want to confront the parents of your grandchildren with what you know and ask that they give you temporary custody until they can get the help they need to change the situation. It is hard for any parent to be confronted with the fact they are being less than perfect parents or that they have a problem which warrants removing their children from their home.

If a parent were thinking right they could rationalize what is right or wrong but if they have a drug related problem they may not be capable of helping themselves. It may be up to you to see to it that your grandchildren are kept safe.The parents may thank you in the end but if you can’t get them to agree to willing honor your  you grandparents custody rights you may have to take legal action. You will need to:

Gaining Grandparents Custody Rights

  • Make a list of conduct changes or changes of disposition
  • Try to gain emergency custody until their living conditions can be corrected
  • Contact a neighborhood agency and find out who to make aware of the circumstances
  • Study and know the laws in your states
  • Make an appointment with a lawyer

After you talk with your attorney and have gained temporary or permanent custody you may want to visit your grandchildren’s school and see if they have been falling in their school work. You may want to make a doctor’s appointment for a physical to be sure they are in good health.

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