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How To Help A Child With Anxiety

Anxiety Disorder Children

Children shouldn’t have to deal with anything but being children but times have changed and numerous children deal with anxiety and depression everyday.

For whatever reasons why it is a true symptom found now in our children and grandchildren and must be dealt with. One of the best sources for information I have found is here : VISIT

“The Anxiety-Free Child Program”

Growing up should be fun. Children should be free of the care and worries that the adults have to deal with. Unfortunately, many children go through childhood suffering from overwhelming anxiety. Here are some ideas on how to help a child with anxiety.

Sometimes there is a fairly obvious cause , such as changing schools or a recent accident. In these situations, reassurance and loving support may be enough to help the child recover balance. You can explain that it’s normal to have some feelings of anxiety when things change, but that doesn’t always mean you shouldn’t make the change.

Anxiety Disorder Children

In my opinion, we expose children to disturbing ideas and images at too early an age too frequently. News reports, movies, TV shows, and other media are often filled with concepts children can’t handle without anxiety. Children need a certain degree of maturity before they can process adult themes appropriately. Exposing them to such material too early easily arouses uncertainly, and fear .

Children need a healthy diet. Highly refined and processed foods, especially sugars, lead to agitation in addition to adversely affecting the physical health. Even if your child isn’t drinking coffee, they can get heavy doses from colas or other sodas.

Beyond these ideas, you can help a child with anxiety by learning more about the issue, discovering how kids process anxiety, and developing the skills you need to coach them in developing a healthy, balanced approach to life.

A great resource for this is Anxiety Free Child. I highly recommend that any parent whose child is suffering with excessive anxiety check it out. Imagine how great it will be to see your child happy again.

Be sure to check that out. Also,click here for more information on childhood anxiety help

Rest assured that you’re not the first parent whose child has struggled with anxiety. It is possible to help them overcome

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  • america rodriguez January 28, 2011, 2:11 am

    Hi my name is America Rodriguez im 46yrs old my husband Roberto Rodriguez is 51yrs old n we r helping my son Jose R.Mateo who is 32yrs old raise hes three children that he has custody of fron a prevous relationship he has had them for more than seven yrs, those children were emontionally abuse n sexually, n beaten by the mothers boyfrien n their uncle. My son has MS for the last about 8yrs his current wife also abuse the children emotionally, now they r all liveing with us. i had to stop working to take care of the children n my son,we r about to loose our home only one income in the house.My comment is y ur storys always say that the parents r in prison or drug addicts so what happens to MY FAMILY , WE DON’T GET ANY HELP. What can i do to better my family. how can i get some kind of income from being my sons sole caregiver….. Went to social security office their comment to me was they do not suply caregivers or pay for them so then what r we paying social security for if when u get disable thy won’t do anything for u. PLEASE HELP ME HELP MY FAMILY.


    WATERBURY,CT 06704


  • jacquelyn January 28, 2011, 6:00 pm

    Mrs Rodriguez,
    Your story is very tragic and before I go any farther I would like to say that you are to be commended for stepping up and giving these children a safe place to live. I am by no means an authority on social security but from I think I understand about it is this: If your son has MS and is totally disabled and can not work then maybe you should have him file for his disability and then he could make you his caregiver. I guess I bring up parents being in prison or on drugs because that is what I have dealt with the most but I fully understand their are other reasons. I am going to list some agencies for you to contact to try to get you the help you need. Let me know how things go for you. I would like to know if you get the help you need. If you need to talk with me you can post here or email me at grandparentrights@gmail.com
    Check with social security again and these agencies.


    Good Luck

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