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Child Custody For Grandparents?

Grandparents Winning Child Custody Cases

child custody

child custody


Child custody issues are very important and should be handled with the up most care.Sometimes when their is a divorce in the family the parents just seem to get off track for a while and sometimes their  children are left to suffer.

Divorce or the death of a spouse has a tremendous effect on everyone’s life. Going through these kind of changes leaves people with depression and a lot of grief and even as adults they just don’t know where to turn.

People then start to rebuild their lives and sometimes the kids just get pushed to the side in the process. This is when grandparents child  custody starts. It may be that joint custody between parents and grandparents may work best but these children need a safe environment to turn to if needed.

Grandparents Child Custody

Family professionals say that  custody of any child after a agonizing separation or an on going divorce case is definitely one of the most heart wrenching and emotionally draining encounters any parent could face. This is because the process involves not just two adults who have the skills to move forward and go on to live a new life but more focused on what is in store for kids after the inevitable break up. Parents and grandparents are closely involved in the happinesss of the children.

If you are one of those who are in the process of divorce and planning to file for a child custody, then you should stop dwelling on your past and move ahead for the betterment of the people that you love the most—your children.

Child custody proceeding

Parents who are into a fight for their children’s custody should be ready head on to face  this challenging experience. They should also be ready to face all the challenges and difficulties to emerge as winners.In these cases no one really wins.

Experts say that one important key in ensuring that any parent will be victorious in any child custody case is by being armed with as much information needed. If the parent is knowledgeable enough on the child custody battle, he or she would be able to understand the situation better and would be able to come up with strategies to ensure victory after the case.

To be able to get as much information on child custody, you can consult a lawyer and ask him or her to explain the terms and conditions underlying any child custody case. Since lawyers are the experts on legal issues, they would be able to make you understand as simple as possible all things that you want to know on child custody.

You can also check various online sites in the Internet for you will have an idea what entails a child custody case and what you can do to ensure that you will be victorious in the end. You can check thousands of links relating to child custody and how to win it. Here, you can also find first hand information by parents who went through the same thing and you can even adapt the strategies they used on your own setting.

Grandparents Child Custody

If you as parents get totally side tracked and are going down the wrong path you should consider the possibility of joint custody betweeb parents and grandparents untill you get things back ib order. This is a very hard time for everyone involved but especiallt your childre.

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  • Robert McAllister March 26, 2011, 2:49 pm

    Well i really don’t know where to start except to start and condense all that i want to say. We want custody of our 3 year old grandchild which is the most wonderful child ever as far as we are concerned. The father my son is an addict and has been for a number of years and is in the process and waiting to serve a 3 month term in jail for burglary. The mother is a recovering addict and alcoholic and both have been living with us for the past year and both have made this past year a hell but i allow it for my grandchild,but we have had enough and want to allow our grandchild to prosper and live in an enviroment of love and peace.We both are financially fortunate and in good health and i am retired from law enforcement and have witnessed over 30 years children of parents who do not have the childs best interests at heart and never would i have beleived that i would be thinking of trying to take my son’s child from him so here i am and looking for info from folks who can give me their insight on how they proceeded and how they felt.

  • jacquelyn April 4, 2011, 3:07 pm

    Mac, I can’t tell you how sorry I am that you are going through this situation. I have went through the same things that you are going through and it can really take a toll on you life and health. It is very hard to know what to do but in my opinion when someone is on drugs that seems to be all they can think about. That leaves their children to fend for themselves unless we as grandparents step in. My son was on drugs for years but finally kicked the habit and lead a normal life but was later killed in a car accident. If you have read much of my information you may have read where I wrote about my son getting killed in a car accident and shortly after that is when I started the process to gain visitation with my grandchildren. I gained the rights to visitation but not as much as I would have liked, however my daughter-in-law is now letting me see them more than the court allowed. Their was a time when she was on drugs too, but she appears to be clean now. The one thing that I want to leave you with is this and (my son told me this and I believe with all my heart he would want me to tell you this) He told me at one point after he got clean that I was his enabled him to be able to do what he done because I helped him financially and he was not saying that it was my fault he was just stating the facts. I get it falls in the rims of tough love for us to do these kind of things like gaining custody of our grandchildren but it’s for sure that the children can’t help this or take care of themselves and someone needs to. If you need to talk farther please email me at grandparentrights@gmail.com and in the resource section on my site there are several places for more research.

    Jacquelyn Dunn

  • bonnie j callahan April 8, 2011, 7:45 pm

    I recently went through an adoption hearing to gain the right to give my grandson (4) a secure home. He has been with us for 2 plus years. We were denied the right and his mother who is an addict was given more time by her drug court judge to get herself together even though for the four years of his life he has never lived with her. My son his dad died in June almost two years ago. It is beyond me how this mother deserves the right because she is in a recovery house now and has held a job for two months. I have not withheld her son from her but in fact have gone the extra mile to visit with her. All this backfired in my face.
    She will not relinquish her parental rights. He has waited for four years for her and where are his rights to a secure home and a place to belong where he will not be completely uprooted from his friends and home. Who will speak for the little ones? I am now out two thousand dollars and his mother is gloating in her sucess. We are playing the waiting game now. My heart aches for him he certainly deserves more.

  • Isabel Barrocas April 12, 2011, 11:51 am

    Hi, i’m Portuguese 58 year grandma!! 13 years ago my daughter gave birth to a beautiful girl. She was married for 15 months.. Got a divorced , so she and my granddaughter moved in with me and my husband .. For 10 years we raised the little girl while her mother went school work .. My granddaughter and I were inseparable .. Well 3 years ago my daughter started dating and old friend, n got married.. Now instead of 2 we had 3 people living in our house.. I thought we were a happy family, but no a personal and stron argument happened between my daughter and I to the point that I couldn’t take more of her stron insults and kick her out of the house.. Well lots of things happened in between , but the conclusion is. They bought a house in other town 2 hours away from us. I haven’t seen my grandaugther in year. My daughter make sure that neither I or my husband or her siblings , great grandparents, uncles and nieces . I know she intimidates her daughter if she tries to get in touch with us. also my son in law is the master mind behind allnof this.. Well my granddaughter is now 13 years ol and probably brain washed .. I miss her and cry everyday for her.. What can I do???

  • jacquelyn May 14, 2011, 2:52 pm

    Sorry you are going through all of this. Courts really do seem to want to keep parents and children together if they can but it is not always best for the child. Try my resource page and there are some very useful links there to state agencies that may be able to help you. Good luck and never give up.

  • jacquelyn May 14, 2011, 2:55 pm

    This is always a painful situation for grandparents. We love our grandchildren so much and it’s hard not to be able to see them. i would just keep trying and I would always remember holidays and birthdays with meaningful cards. Your granddaughter will not forget and I believe that someday she will come back to see you. Good luck.

  • Deb March 24, 2012, 6:34 am

    My husband and I are trying to get joint custody of our granddaughter, our son’s child. The mother gave him full legal and physical custody when she was born and he was living with us. We all took care of her until he married an 18 year old girl and then she decided our granddaughter was her daughter. After an arguement they moved out, 2 months ago and we have not seen her since. I got up with her in the night and took care of her most of the time. She has been to the ER 3 times while in their care, they have no insurance for her and I worry about her every day. This has been the most terrible thing I have ever experienced.

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