How To Get Your Teens To Talk To You
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The Problems with the Teen Years

We never quite know how the teen years will turn out. Do you ever wonder how the teen years will turn out? To be honest, no one really knows. Boundaries can be pushed and ignored, while some teens children don’t get anywhere close to testing their limits. Nature versus nurture will always be a large debate between people and professionals: are kids children programmed to act one way, or are they we influenced by those around us?

However they are influenced, kids children all end up with different personalities personas , many of which manifest during the teen years. There are various ways to attempt to deal with the problems of teen years, but each parent will find that their own experiences and methods differ from others everyone else . Relate for Parents has outlined a few suggestions on their website, and offer further support guidance if it is needed.

Write it down Make a note

“You said I could be home at 11:30pm, not 11:00pm,” may be a phrase you are starting to hear more often , but this doesn’t have to be the case issue . Create a general ‘contract’ between yourself and your child so you are both clear about rules and curfews. This way they will know when they have overstepped the line boundary , and you will know how to be consistent when approaching the situation.

Love them dearly Show them you love them

No matter what they say, teens are still young enough to appreciate a hug once in a while ( make sure their friends aren’t around though , you wouldn’t want to embarrass them!). Because your son or daughter is going through a difficult stage of their life, it is up to the parent to reinforce positive messages and remind them just how great they are. If a hug isn’t on the cards, at least let them know what you believe are their strengths and qualities.

Do it together Working together

It is sometimes difficult to accept that your baby is all grown up . However, you need to prepare your teen for the real world where they will face problems in their working career and personal lives. Working together with your teen will help them to gain responsibility and problem solving techniques. What you both believe to be reasonable may be different, so work together to reach a compromise .

Practical parenting Be practical

Getting stuck in with practical parenting is one of the easiest simplest ways to deal with the problems faced by you and your children . Leading by example too will also demonstrate show that you follow your own rules too. It is important to do more than simply say “do as I say, not as I do”, if you want your child to follow the rules and responsibilities you have given to them .

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How To Get Your Teens To Talk To You