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Ways Grandparents Can Make Travel More Fun

Travel With Grandchildren

When you travel with grandchildren this can be an exciting time and or an exhausting timechild playing a game in car

if you’re not prepared for it. Whether you’re going by plane, train, bus or on a massive two week road trip to Disneyland one thing is for sure – loads of fun awaits everyone.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to make travel more fun as a grandparent whether you’re on a trip with young or old family members.These are a few of the ways travel with grandchildren can be fun.

1. Bring Games –
If this is a car road trip then games are most definitely in order to keep things from going stale and or keep everyone in the back seat at bay. You can bring electronic games or old fashioned games like chess and checkers but car approved that come in a smaller size. Electronic games could include UNO, Monopoly or Sorry.

2. Bring Music –
Everyone likes to sing and music while driving is crazy fun. You could alternate who gets to pick the next song, and when it plays the person who chose it has to also sing it. Out loud. This is usually fun for everyone involved and the point is not to be the best singer, but to just belt it out and have fun with it. Bring a variety of tunes and also ask your grand kids to bring some so they listen to what they like and vice versa. Try a little bit of everything from country to jazz to rock and even pop tunes like Britney Spears.

3. Think Cool Gadgets –
Nowadays most kids have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle and or other similar gadget. All these allow for some form of play, interaction, music, etc but it’s a solitary experience. So what you can do is to make it a group activity instead while in the car. Everyone could play chess on the iPad and take turns or read a book out loud where everyone takes a turn reading a chapter and the same thing applies to music. Tell them to bring the gadgets but to not play by themselves to include everyone in the car. It’s way more fun this way.

4. Don’t Forget About Imagination Only Games –
Sometimes the best fun can be had without any expensive gadgets, toys or physical games. The old classic name the most cars with a certain of license plate can still be played by all in the car, the game where everyone begins a word from the alphabet from a certain category such a US city or state is crazy fun. The game goes like this. Ricky starts the game by naming a city from the US that begins with A – Arizona, then it goes to the next person in the car, Marianna gets B – Boston and so on the game continues. You could do a speed round where everyone has to get their word out in less than 5 seconds or they’re out.

A long car ride can be fun as is a plane ride and so on. You just have to think outside the box and make sure to get everyone involved. Even those who initially resist as those are the family members who in the end usually have the most fun. Travel with grandchildren for grandparents is always a delight.

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