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Separation Anxiety – A Parent’s Guide (DVD Trailer)

anxietybc.com Separation Anxiety in infants and toddlers is normal and expected. For older children, however, excessive fear of being separated from a caregiver or home may represent symptoms of Separation Anxiety Disprder (SAD). Chidren with SAD often have difficulty going to school, being away from loved ones, going to sleepovers or camp, or engaging in other developmentally appropriate activities of childhood. SAD can have a debiliating effect on children and their families. Fortunately, help is available. Separation Anxiety: A Parents Guide to Helping Your Child shows parents and caregivers how to reognize and manage separation anxiety using evidence-based congnitive-behavioral principles. This DVD includes: •Expert interview with a clinical psychologist •Parent interviews about what SAD looks like at home and how to help •Teacher interview on how to manage anxiety in school •Demonstrations on how to teach your child effective coping tools •And more… anxietybc.com

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