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Child Separation Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety BC – anxietybc.com It is normal for children to sometimes feel anxious or insecure when separated from their parents or other important caregivers. Usually, such separation anxiety fades as they grow up and become more confident. If your childs separation anxiety continues to persist after the age of five and starts affecting his or her life (eg refuses to be out of sight of parent), then your child may have Separation Anxiety Disorder, which involves excessive anxiety when a child is, or is expecting, to be separated from home or a loved one (such as a parent or a caregiver). Click below to read more… Anxiety BC – anxietybc.com

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  • iNinja85 May 6, 2012, 1:47 pm

    Just a follow on from my previous comment. But I believe I never really had as much of this when I was little, as I do now. It seems to be a lot worse ow.

  • iNinja85 May 6, 2012, 2:55 pm

    Sounds like me, I’m 14 years old and I hate being away from my dad. I follow him everywhere! Down to the mail box, car, rubbish bin, etc. My earliest memory is of him, when I was only a few days old and in hospital for a hydrocephalus operation. My dad is going away to another country for a week, this month, and I’m really, really, really dreading it.

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