. . . and then they say something that breaks your heart.
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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren”Grandma Cuddle Time”

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

T his is not the way life was designed for grandparents to be raising their children’s children but grandparents love their grandchildren and do not want to see them go into foster care if the parents can’t take care of them. I ran across the poem below and thought I would share it. It makes me remember so many fond memories of my granny.I hope you enjoy it.

Cuddle Time
“I climb in Grandma’s bed.
Each morning, soon as I’m awake
Before my prayer is said
Or ‘fore I’m ever dressed at all
I climb in Grandma’s bed.
I put my arms about her neck

She puts her arms ’round me
And I just lie so comfy there
While Grandma cuddles me.
She talks to me so soft and low
About this “clean, new day

And what I’d ought to put in it.
Of study, work and play.
It really is the queerest thing
But true as true can be

It’s easy to be good all day
‘Cause Grandma cuddled me.

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. . . and then they say something that breaks your heart.