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Fathers Rights Guide To Mediation

Go To www.fathershelphotline.com to Instantly View A Free Fathers Rights Video Presentation And Receive: A Free Analysis Of Your Case; 7 Free Lessons For Fathers Rights; Dynamic Power Strategies; 20 Free Fathers Rights Audios; Many More Free Resources Instantly Lower Your Child Support And Spend More Time With Your Kids Than You Ever Thought Possible VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Quite frankly, fathers will fare better through mediation, if both parties are willing, rather than potentially being screwed by the pro-mother court system. Although mediation can be used quite effectively, it is important for a father to know some basics about the process of mediation and arbitration. It is safe to say, if a father is not properly prepared, he may find himself thinking he has an agreement with the "X"; but, come to find out that once the "agreement" is placed on paper, the "whole deal" goes sideways. Even worse, under the guise of mediation and "good faith" settlement a father is "picked-off" one item at a time, only to have the "X" be disagreeable on the , "final", really important items. The typical mediation process gets a father to agree to items, one at a time, and usually leaves the really important items until last. Then, all of a sudden the "X" wont agree. Meanwhile, the father has already given up many important things that might have given him leverage. This manual explains the ins and outs of mediation and how to use mediation and settlement techniques to finalize things <b>…<b>

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