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12.08.25 Petition for Equal Parenting Rights

Canadas courts are biased against Fathers and so called non custodial parents. A non custodial parent has no rights to their own children. We demand equal rights for both parents. They are co-parents and should have all the rights and privileges of a married couple. We want the courts out of the lives of our families. We want equal shared parenting. Anyone who denies the co-parent their parental rights should be charged and prosecuted. Both parents should be held accountable for child support. Currently only the father pays child support. A more user friendly approach is required. Both parents to share in the decisions of parenting. Judges who cant do their job or wont should be terminated from their positions immediately. Hold Politicians accountable. Legislation must follow the Charter of Rights. Currently it doesnt. Parents by right must have access to their children 50% of the time. Anything less, is abuse. Get involved now, before you lose your children.

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