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Family Law and Divorce Attorney, Jessica Greenwood, (603) 577-0336

www.greenwoodlawoffice.net NH Phone#(603) 577-0336 MA Phone#(978) 225-0871 Three difficult and heart wrenching issues in a divorce are custody, visitation and child support. Very few aspects of a divorce are more damaging to everyone involved than a custody fight that leaves children caught in a crossfire between battling parents fighting for control. Establishing short-term and longer-term goals is difficult for many men and women involved in contested divorce and other challenging family law matters. Fear and uncertainty about relationships with your children, finances and other important concerns can make clear thinking very difficult. Discussing your realistic legal options and probable outcomes with a skilled lawyer can make it possible to regain your focus on the present and future. Greenwood Family Law will help you reach the best level of agreement through negotiation. We offer counsel in Uncontested divorce, Assisting couples in uncontested divorce when they both can agree on all key concerns associated with dissolution of the marriage. Working out settlement agreements that address your goals in critical matters of child custody and visitation, as well as child support and maintenance Aggressively representing your financial interests in matters of property distribution Filing for support modifications, pursuing compliance orders, and helping you with other postdivorce issues

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