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A Story Of A Single Mother: Part 3

Please be respectful or you will be BLOCKED!! Some things I share in this video I didnt say in my other videos because at the time I was scared to say certain things. But now Im saying them because they need to be said and this video might help someone in almost the same situation as me… In this video Iam talking about how my daughter father did me. How things are after court and child support…. I believe I can help someone out there so Iam sharing my story. Thank You For watching Send us lots of Love, Letter and Cards Jacenta & Jaslene PO Box 2646 Gardena,CA. 90247 Follow me on Instagram to see a lot of pictures of Jaslene and I through out our life: BeautifulxLover Subscribe to my Main Channel: www.youtube.com Subscribe to Meta Channel: www.youtube.com Follow Me On Twitter: www.twitter.com BUSINESS INQUIRIES- JacentaBryson@yahoo.com


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