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Judge Grants Temporary Custody to Tito Jackson

Retired Superior Court Judge of California Eugene Hyman talks with the Family Law Channel about the continuing battle over Michael Jackson s estate, after concerns of the well-being of Michael s mother, who is the children s guardian. As the battle over Michael s Jackson s estimated $1 billion estate continues, temporary guardianship has been granted to his brother Tito, after concerns of the well-being of Michael s mother Katherine arose, the children s guardian, while she was away in Arizona. Retired Superior Court Judge of Santa Clara, California, Eugene Hyman says that the courts look at what s in the best interest of the children first and unfortunately, a lot of parents think it s about them. In dependency court, you have social workers who generate information and investigations for the judge. In probate court, however, it is a party that is moving. Someone is coming forward and saying the court needs to be aware that something is going on and as a result, there is an emergent situation and the court needs to make temporary orders. Judge Hyman says the court has probate investigators and depending on the the local culture, the court may be using those investigators to get some independent information for the court or may not, depending on the financial situation of the court and the availability of the investigators. He says that in LA, they probably won t be able to do that because of financial difficulties. In Santa Clara, where he resided, he would have had an <b>…<b>

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