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Grandparents as Parents:”Sports and Kids”

Expose your children to sports early and often. Exposure to sports will start good memories between you and your child. The fun that surrounds Kids playing sportssporting events makes it easy to create those memories. It is hard to say which particular event will stick in their or your mind for the long term, but the more you all experience the better the chances are something good will comes of it.

Expose them to different sports as their age allows. You never know what will interest your child until they show that spark. There are the organized sports such as baseball, soccer, football or hockey. Other sports are more personal such as hunting or fishing. You will soon learn which sport sparks your child’s interest by how much fun they have at the event or how they want to play that game at home. Watching them play with their friends will let you know which sports are the “good ones” according to your child. Just the conversations they have with friends will help direct your efforts.

Being involved in a sport will have life long effects. Think about it for a moment and you will probably remember a special time you had as a child that still is close to you today. Talk to your friends and you are bound to see how sports have had good effects on them still today. Team sports teach team work and fair play. They also teach that there are boundaries that need to be adhered to. Those lessons are applied to every day life and you will often find that successful people learned those lessons as a child. Individual sports such as fishing will give them a place to go when life is hectic and they need some relief. They usually create a strong bond with you as you both are enjoying life together and exchanging thoughts in that one on one experience.

Some people are hesitant to get involved in team sports because of horror stories about bad behavior. It is a mistake to give into these bad stories. The good derived from these activities out weighs the bad. The officials in any sport are keenly aware of fair play and good sportsmanship. The rules in each of these sports are designed to encourage and applying good judgment and learning to work together. Even a bad behavior (often displayed by a parent) can be used in a positive manner. You use this as a teaching moment and point out how the bad behavior was perceived by everyone present and how they do not want to be the person doing that bad behavior.

By exposing your child to sports, you will help your child grow. You will have the pleasure of being involved in their growth and the memories you can build together.

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