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Grandparents’ Rights – Because Every Child Needs a Hero

Grandparents Rights

We are living in an ever changing world and sometimes I can not see if it is for the better. Grandparents rights are still in the early stages of defining who has what rights and when.Grandparents raising grandchildren are in s rising numbers. The sad part of this is that even though they say the best interest of the child should be kept in mind, is the person who is saying this familiar with the child. From my experience children who are in a home with parents of drug abuse just want to please. I think this is because they do not get the attention that they need from their parents so they are constantly trying to please them to get some attention. My reason for bringing this up is to say this, I have seen my granddaughters go through hell but just keep on smiling because they want Mommy to be happy because when Mommy is happy the world is a better place for them. When have adults come to depend on their children to think like they think so everyone can be happy. My daughter-in-law just recently moved my grand children farther away because I confronted her about being back on drugs and my 9 year old granddaughter said to me (well it’s probably the best for everyone) all the while crying because she had to leave her school and all her friends) so Mom could get away from a Granny who knew Mom was back on drugs and putting them in danger. Every child needs someone they can look up to and be that rock in their lives. If you have grandchildren learn to be that hero. Learn to be the bigger person and always be there when they need something. As a 55 year old person who is looking at retirement the last thing I had on my mind is raising more children. These children are my heritage and I love them and I will always stand by them. The things I believe it takes to be a hero in a child’s eyes are pretty simple. I feel they consist of – Unconditional Love – Having A Giving Heart – Caring What Happens To Children – Giving Of Yourself An Wanting Only Love In Return – Being There For A Child When No One Else Is For me as a grandparent this has all come easy because when those little eyes look up at me with so much love it warms my heart so much. How can anyone ignore little children. Grandparents we are at a time in history when life is telling us we must step up to the plate and take a stand. More and more children are living in the care of a person other than their parents. The numbers are on the rise. Exercise your grandparents rights and be someone’s hero.

I hope you never have this problem but if you do be sure and search out your options. The New Grandparents Rights are certainly something to check out. I wish you all the best. Good luck with your grandchildren. Jacquelyn Dunn

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