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The Multi-Terrain Bob Revolution Stroller – The Ideal Stroller For Active Parents And Their Baby

The Bob Revolution Jogging Stroller is a robust, functional stroller that will give your baby a safe, cozy ride that will be difficult to better. It offers active parents a stroller suitable for different terrains without compromising on safety or comfort for their children. This top-model is rich in features which we will now discuss.

Weighing just 23 pounds, the aluminum alloy frame is strong and robust as well as lightweight. The excellent suspension system of coil spring, adjustable shock absorbers and large wheels made of durable composite polymer with inflated tires gives the Bob Revolution Jogging Stroller high shock resistance off-road as well as on-road. Your child will enjoy a comfortable, silent ride whether you’re on uneven sidewalks, grassy fields or a sandy beach.

In addition to the suspension system, the Bob Jogging Stroller has a 12-inch swiveling front wheel making steering the stroller a breeze. It handles the tightest of turns with ease, so you’ll be able to navigate stores and shopping malls without worry. When you’re going to be jogging with your Bob Revolution Stroller, just lock the swivel wheel at the front and the stroller will happily roll along in front of you.

To protect your baby from sunlight, there’s a stain-resistant multi-position canopy complete with window for watching over your baby. The comfortable padded seat reclines vertically to 70 degrees and again is stain resistant and easy to clean. And the adjustable, padded five point safety harness would make any racing driver feel safe and sound.

You can also pop toys and treats into the seat’s two side pockets. There’s also a well-sized storage basket underneath the stroller where you can store diapers and other essentials, and even groceries.

The Bob Revolution Stroller has an easy-to-manage foot actuated brake which will anchor the stroller firmly even on inclines.

The Bob Revolution Jogging Stroller has a weight capacity of 70 lbs and will be the only stroller you need for your baby through to toddler. It gets the balance between a walking and a jogging stroller absolutely spot-on as well as providing a comfortable and safe ride for your baby.

The stroller is available in a variety of lovely colors: Navy blue and gray, chocolate and blue, brown and pink, orange and brown and black and tan. Without a doubt, the versatile Bob Jogging Stroller offers a superb investment for fitness-conscious parents and their little ones.

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  • Alexander December 16, 2010, 1:52 am

    Wow I think this will be great product that I should look at. The features offered by this product support my needs and my baby’s needs. I’m going to check this out in the market…:)

  • Cindy February 17, 2012, 8:12 am

    Thanks for the interesting info for grandparents! Many of our cabin owners will like seeing some of this info.


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