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Kids Math Homework Tips

Kids math homework is often very tricky for kids .   Lots of kids may feel that they have a natural ability for math homework, or they don’t.    Even a child who is struggling with math homework can find a few strategies to make the subject easier.  

Here are some tips to make those math homework sheets a breeze.

  1. Practicing Makes it Easier – math gets easier with repetition.  But this doesn’t mean you need to force your kids to do their math homework practice for an hour at time.   Mix in those math sheets for five or ten minutes at a time.   This strategy should help them retain skills better .   Try using flashcards for things like formulas or multiplication tables.   Do the flash cards regularly throughout the day and you will start to see a dramatic increase in their math skills.
  2. Push Carefully . Many kids create an internal block against math in their heads .  They believe they just can’t get it and no amount of math homework practice is going to help. Instead of dismissing this fear out of hand, focus on relaxing them and praising them and let them know that any child can master math.   Explain that math has some set concepts and rules and that once she understands those, she will be able to move on to more complex problems.  
  3. Equate Math to Real Life .  Sometimes children don’t see how math computes to the real world , especially with the more complex concepts.  But you can help your kid relate math to the real world by using money, coupons, grocery shopping and even the concept of saving and compound interest to illustrate how math works on a daily basis.  Most kids will respond well to using money as a way to learn math – finally they might understand you when you say you aren’t made of money.


Getting your kids to practice math and helping them with their math homework can seem pretty challenging .  But with patience and encouragement you can help your child become “good at math.”

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  • Yudveer (2nd grade math tutor) February 3, 2012, 10:11 am

    Cool tips for help kids do their homework. The last paragraph sentence “But with patience and encouragement you can help your child become “good at math.”” is really sticking and a motivational call.

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