How To Nurture The Grandparent And Grandchild Relationship
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Grandparents And Grandchildren Visits

Grandparents and Grandchildren Visits

Visits with grandparents are a precious part of a child’s life. The loving and nurturing relationship between grandparents and grandchildren provides the child with memories that cannot be derived from any other

grandchildren and grandparents


relationship. However, grandchildren are increasingly the product of broken homes and are being deprived of visits and contact with their grandparents. The law has provided a means by which grandparents can seek visitation with their grandchildren.Visit the “Custody Center” for more information on grandparents rights.

Only a natural grandparent or grandparent through adoption has standing to seek visitation with a grandchild.  A grandparent only has standing to seek visitation with a grandchild if the child’s parent is deceased “or where the situation shows that conditions exist which equity would see fit to intervene.” Therefore, if a child’s parent has died the grandparents have the rights to seek visitation.

There are no  quick rules to determine when circumstances exist so as to require courts to grant grandparent visitation with their grandchildren. Each case in unique, and must be decided on its own details and conditions.

The first thing you may want to do to utilize your rights as a grandparent is to contact a family law attorney. This attorney should be someone that you trust and you may want to contact several attorneys to find the one that is right for your case. Your attorney should clearly inform you of your rights, and this may help you to determine what steps you should take next to reestablish a relationship with your grandchild.

You will want to decide how much time you have to devote to your grandchild, and you may want to ask for a couple of weeks each year or even a weekend every other month. If you live close to your grandchild, you may be able to spend more time with this child and this is a great way to promote a great relationship. If you live further away, it can be a bit more challenging and you will want to plan your visitation proposition carefully and this can make all of the difference

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How To Nurture The Grandparent And Grandchild Relationship