Family Law Child Custody transportation/relocation protocols
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Needing Grandparents Temporary Custody

Grandparents Temporary Custody may have to be enforced if your grandchildren are living in an unsafe place. Children may feel scared and unable to understand what is happening if



all at once the home environment starts to change and suddenly there is no one taking care of their needs. I once walked in on my 3 year old granddaughter at 11 o’clock in the morning and she was so glad to see me and the first words out of her little mouth were  ” granny can you get that cereal from the top of the refrigerator”, I then noticed a chair pulled up to the refrigerator but she still wasn’t quite tall enough to reach it. As I got it down for her and went about fixing her something to eat she then said” granny why isn’t anyone taking care of me?”  How can you answer a question like that.

I guess by now you have figured out that something was wrong in this household and that something was, two parents on drugs. It’s hard to except the cold hard facts that your child is on drugs but when little children are involved you can not just walk away. In this type of unsafe conditions we as grandparents cannot do anything but start the process of enforcing grandparents temporary custody to keep our grandchildren safe until their parents can maintain a safe place for them to live.

Child Custody

If you are a grandparent and you have been put in a position to have to know you grandparent rights to step in and be sure that your grandchildren as taken care of you may want to visit the “Grandparents Rights Custody Center” to find the answers you need. Click here to read now. If you are in need of more information on grandparents raising grandchildren you may want to read this article.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren – Advantages and Disadvantages

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Family Law Child Custody transportation/relocation protocols