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Grandparents Rights Understood

Grandparents Rights

Grandparents rights can be researched in a lot of different places.You may want to take a look at local (Area Agency on Aging) meetings or workshops, Senior Centers or Child Welfare agencies Grandchildrenfor help and information on grandparent’s rights. Many of these organizations are aware of issues between grandparents, parents and grandchildren regarding grandparents’ custody and have information. Another source of information is the local law libraries or universities. You can ask for advice and look up the laws that may affect you. These may also be good places to find out if your court system has services or programs that allow you to petition or apply for a legal relationship with your grandchildren without the aid of an attorney.

If you are in search of someplace to ask questions about grandparents rights you may want to visit this great forum that I found here: “Grandparents Rights”

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