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Gaining Child Custody Of Your Grandchildren

Grandparents Custody Rights

I am a baby boomer and 30 years ago I would have never dreamed that I might still be raising children at the age of retirement. But here I am checking out Grandparents Custody Rights But guess what life plays those kind of little tricks on us sometimes when we least expect it. There are some things in life that we just can’t walk away from and those precious grandchildren are one of them. If you are trying to use your grandparents custody rights you will need to establish a plan of action but don’t put it off. Children may be living in dangerous situations and not know how to get out or what to do about it. If you are seeing warning sign of something wrong start asking questions. “The Custody Library” has great information also.

  • Make a list of behavior changes or mood changes
  • Research and know your states laws
  • Contact a local agency and find out who to complain to about the situation
  • Contact an attorney
  • File for emergency custody until the problems can be corrected or addressed
  • Never give up

Sometimes it is hard on us as parents to believe that our own children are not properly taking care of their children or that they are letting other things take priority,but it is happening now more than ever. According to the US Census Bureau:

4.9 million children (7 percent) under age 18 live in grandparent-headed households. That’s up from 4.5 million living in grandparent-headed households 10 years ago. I suspect this increase has to do with challenges in our economy over the past five years, including the housing and foreclosure crisis, the loss of jobs and general economic woes. Clearly, grandparents are increasingly providing the stability and security of home for their families.

With the knowledge of the drug use in our community I am not surprised at these numbers. I am glad that the only thing I know about drugs are the things I’ve seen and read on the subject but the things I have seen linger in my mind all the time. Our children and grandchildren are suffering from it in one way or another. If you think your child has a substance abuse problem and your grandchildren are being harmed from it don’t hesitate to take action. A child may be depending on you to reach in and get them out. Children love their parents and tend to want to please them and may be afraid of getting them into trouble by telling the truth so pay attention to the warning signs. Visit “The Child Custody Library” For answers to your questions.

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